VM Points


Welcome to our Club VM Points Program

You will be rewarded Club Via Murano (VM) Points for every purchase you make with us online. Order from our Via Murano web store and you will be automatically enrolled in our Club VM Points program. Every dollar you spend equates to one point. Your Club VM Points automatically accumulate, and you can check your points at any time by logging into your account online and clicking on the View Club VM Points link.

The Via Murano online store displays the amount of Club VM Points you will be rewarded for each product, and it will show a summary of the total Club VM Points you will receive for your order before and after it is submitted. The total points accrued during your purchase are displayed on the order verification page (before submitting your payment information), and they are shown in your order confirmation e-mail (after your order is processed).

Note the following regarding the accrual of Club VM Points:

* Club VM Points do not apply to shipping charges, sales tax or gift certificates.

* Club VM Points can only be accrued and used through our Via Murano online store.

* Club VM Points apply to one account only.

* Club VM Points cannot be transferred to any new accounts that are set up subsequently.

* Club VM Points are deducted when redeemed in an order. When you redeem Club VM Points, no new points are accrued on the same order.

* Club VM Points do not apply to previously placed orders.

* Products received by redeeming Club VM points may not be returned. Sales using Club VM Points are final.

* The dollar amount redeemed when using Club VM Points is deducted from the balance due before other discounts are applied.

* If you cancel an order, the Club VM Points accrued with that order are automatically deducted from your account.

* Via Murano reserves the right to cancel your account for fraudulent, improper or abusive use of the account at our sole discretion.

* Void where prohibited.

* Club VM Points have no cash value.