Made USA

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All of our products listed below are 100% American made.


All of our DuroPlate™ and UltraPlate® trademark plating processes were developed here in America, and all of our plating is done here in America as well.

* Snapeez® Original
* Snapeez® II UltraPlate®
* Twisted Tornado Crimp® Original
* Twisted Tornado Crimp® UltraPlate®
* DuroPlate™ Chain
* DuroPlate™ Earwires and Hoops and The "HOOP" seamless brass hoop
* Linx-It™ Smooth and Textured Rings
* 3" Headpins and Eye Pins Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass and Nickel Silver

Manufactured AmericanMade in USA

Manufactured American means that as a U.S. company we are proud to manufacture our products here at home. Manufacturing American provides U.S. citizens with jobs, and U.S. jobs create stability in our economy. Through hard work, perseverance and belief in our system we all prosper.

* Small business and corporations alike create U.S. jobs
* U.S. jobs put Americans back to work
* Americans are again able to provide for themselves and their families
* Goods and services are bought here at home
* Our economy flourishes

We must again become a manufacturing nation in order to provide jobs for Americans, and the avenue for all Americans to live their American dream.

Manufactured American… and Made in USA Works!


Manufactured American™ is a trademark of Via Murano®.