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Synergy beading wire excellence!

Synergy Beading Wire® takes the guesswork out of choosing the right beading wire.  All Synergy Beading Wire® is 49 strand nylon coated stainless steel, and they are Manufactured American™ by Via Murano®

We have engineered Synergy Beading Wire® to be the strongest and most supple beading wire on the market for durability and elegance in your designs.  It's strong! It's supple! It makes stringing easy!

Available in .015, .019 and .024 sizes. 30 foot, 110 foot, and 1000 foot spools.  Select your length spool below and then select the color of the Synergy.  Use with our Twisted Tornado Crimp® for the perfect finish!

Our Synergy Pro-Pak and Twisted Tornado Crimp® stringing bundles save you 10%!

Manufactured American is a trademark of Via Murano®.
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