DuroPlate is our trademark plating process.


DuroPlate™ results in a plated surface that is significantly more durable than the industry standard used on most fashion jewelry components.

High-quality brass smothered in 24 kt. pure gold, 24 kt. pure Russian gold, 99.9% pure silver, 99.9% pure Smoked silver, Bella Flamed Copper, black nickel "blackjack", Gray Velvet Matte, Black Velvet Matte or Chocolate is a powerful combination. Premium design elements with DuroPlate™ are high quality products that allow for the same look, feel and integrity of expensive sterling silver and/or 14 kt. gold-filled at a lower price point.

Enhanced chain and findings at a lower cost to you, translates into affordable products for both you and your customer.

Choose DuroPlate™ and experience the revolution in jewelry components.


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