® is another groovy finding from Via Murano®!

Just think…no more soldering of jump rings!

No more using those unsightly split rings to attach your charms!

Link your wire wrapping with Snapeez
® for supple movement!

BRUSH, SNAP and WIGGLE and the Snapeez
® are securely closed!

Snapeez - The Snapping Jump Ring from Via MuranoSnapeez - The Snapping Jump Ring from Via Murano
  How To Video Here!

Step 1) Place your chain nose pliers on the Snapeez® with a good grip on either side of the ring about half way down on either side. The natural opening to the Snapeez® will be evident at the top.

Via Murano Snapeez

Step 2) Tighten up your dominant arm and let your other arm hold the Snapeez
® in place.
Step 3) Keep a good grip on the Snapeez®. Hold your hands parallel. Don’t move them up and down. While holding your non-dominant hand steady, open the Snapeez® by pushing the natural opening side of the ring away from your body with your dominant hand. 

Via Murano Snapeez

Step 4) With your dominant arm still tight and your other hand steady, pull the Snapeez® back towards your body and pass the opening of the Snapeez® a little bit. The sides of the opening of the Snapeez® should BRUSH against each other.

Via Murano SnapeezVia Murano Snapeez

Step 5) Then push the Snapeez® back toward the opening and BRUSH the sides of the opening together with your dominant hand and you should hear a SNAP! Remember…BRUSH…SNAP

Via Murano Snapeez

Step 6) Look directly at the spot where you did the BRUSH and SNAP.  Now WIGGLE the Snapeez®™ back and forth at this spot a little bit to get a nice alignment to your closure.  Remember…BRUSHSNAP…and WIGGLE!


Step 7)  BRUSH….SNAP…and WIGGLE…your Snapeez® are securely closed!

Snapeez® is a registered trademark of Via Murano®.


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